ColorSwitch Clone

circles This project was made using Unity!

The Game

The game is just a copy of another game called "Color Switch", the idea was to just copy the current game and add my own twist to it. This all is just for educational use.


The game is pretty straight forward, jump through circles without dying.

There are only 2 ways to die:

  • Hit a color that isn't the same as your players color.
  • Falling out of camera sight

There is only one way to control the player, tap the screen to jump up.

(Jumping does not add force, instead, it changes the velocity of the player to make it smoother)


The Parkour is just a bunch of 4 colored circles, the first circle is static but any circle after that is spawned dynamically. Circles are spawned when a player reaches a certain level of height, Circles may also get Destroyed when new ones are created to keep things clean.

Video Preview