Small DLL hooking Respondus LockDownBrowser functions in order to obtain more information about what it is doing. Grab a tinfoil hat and start looking at what kind of weird stuff LockDownBrowser is logging!

Keyboard Bypass

LockDownBrowser prevents keyboard action like "alt+tab" to avoid cheating on a exam. A bypass has been added to counter this feature in order to alt+tab into our Console Window (and of course, to take screenshots as done below)



:warning: Warning :warning:

if you thought you could use my tool in order to cheat on your exam, then you are wrong!

There is a "TopMost" detection that checks if the current focused window is from LockDownBrowser. This detection will trigger from the moment you do alt+tab or any other keybind to change focus to any other window that isn't created by LockDownBrowser itself. You will get a warning at first, after the first warning you get notified that LockDownBrowser will get shut down.

Good thing is that the detection is only active when you are doing an exam, so it's still possible to use my tool for logging & debugging LockDownBrowser.

(Canvas has also a build in detection system for when focus is lost, these results gets send back to canvas to detect cheaters!)

Of course it's still possible to bypass both "TopMost" detection and the Canvas detection.. but hey, fuck off.