PacketTracer7 - Recovery Tool

This tool is build for PacketTracer7, and its goal is to perform password recovery on any given 'Activity File' or '.pka' file. The tool simply hooks the password function inside PacketTracer7, and replaces the original hash with the following one: 805F4011727E7FA3FC5D7FFEE2BBB5EC. After that user needs to use "Ferib" as password and can now gain access to the 'Activity Wizard'. From there you can change the password to whatever you'd like.


This tool changes the PacketTracer password to "Ferib". You can then change the password to whatever you like in the 'Activity Wizard'.

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How To

  • Start PacketTracer7
  • Open your .pka
  • Start PacketTracerPatcher.exe
  • Go to PacketTracer7 and navigate to Extensions -> Activity Wizard (or press ctrl+w)
  • Enter 'Ferib' as password
  • Select Password in the left navigation
  • Enter new password and click Enable Password

Password has now been changed, in order to save the changes, click on Save or Save As


Please use at your own risk.