My Portfolio

Project AnimeShooter

Server emulator for Qpang/Manga Fighter (Private game server). Check it out at

C#Reverse EngineeringhtmlcssjsMySqlASMx86
CoinConsil - Binance Trading

Private Web application that automates Bitcoin trading on the populair crypto exchange "Binance". The Project is private as requested by my client.

Inpainting Mobile

Mobile application for image processing algorithm called "inpainting". This project makes use of the Cordova framework to make the applications front-end. The back-end server was done in C#

KuCoin Watchdog

Private Web application that automates Bitcoin trading. The project is kept private due to my clients request.


Inpainting is a tool that removes unwanted object, For this project i have only done the REST API and the website.

C#REST APIhtmlcssjs
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