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McDo Fries Spoofer

McDo Fries Spoofer is created to emulate the gameplay of the 'Frieshit' game in one of McDonald's (Belgium) mini-games. Emulation was done by reverse HTTPs requests and then re-creating the gameplay.

C#REST APIReverse Engineering
McDonald LoyaltyCard Code Generator

The McDonald's application has a great coupon system where you have to scan a QR code before you place an order in any selected restaurant. After completing your order, you get points added to your account balance. My goal is to share my QR code with friends and family, so I am able to benefit from their purchases.

C#REST APIReverse Engineering (web) "Send Back" scanner

Small tool that checks for "Send back" deals (Retourkansjes). This is done by reversing the REST API to get product info, and this info is then send back to my Discord to notify me whenever a hot deal is around.

C#REST APIReverse Engineering (web)
Discord Userbot

Discord Userbots are automated Discord accounts, For this project i have Reversed the Discord API's and created my own Discord User Bot. The project is against the Discord ToS and will be kept private

C#REST APIReverse Engineering (web)

Inpainting is a tool that removes unwanted object, For this project i have only done the REST API and the website.

C#REST APIhtmlcssjs
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