My Portfolio

McDo Fries Spoofer

McDo Fries Spoofer is created to emulate the gameplay of the 'Frieshit' game in one of McDonald's (Belgium) mini-games. Emulation was done by reverse HTTPs requests and then re-creating the gameplay.

C#REST APIReverse Engineering
Wow CRC32 Bypass

PoC Bypass for World of Warcraft crc32 integrity check.

C#ASMReverse Engineering
OmaeWa - Overwatch Aimbot

OmaeWa is a external aimbot for Overwatch. The tool used a external overlay to draw enemy boundary boxes on screen and used a kernel drive for the mouse move events. at one point the ReadProcessMemory() got detected and so did my project.

C#Reverse Engineeringx64ASM
LockDownLogger - Extended logging for LockDownBrowser

Small tool used for logging Respondu's LockDownBrowser activity, mainly used to see what part of your computer is getting fucking.

CppASMReverse Engineeringx86
PacketTracer7 - Password Recovery Tool

Small project used for password recovery on cisco's PacketTracer software.

C#ASMReverse Engineeringx64
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