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D2R-Offline is a tool used to patch 'Diablo 2: Resurrected' while bypassing the anti-cheating mechanism. One of the more popular patches allows users to unlock Multiplayer (tcp/ip) mode, which, is currently unavailable in the technical alpha.

C#ASMReverse Engineeringx64Windows (internals)
OmaeWa - Overwatch Aimbot

OmaeWa is a external aimbot for Overwatch. The tool used a external overlay to draw enemy boundary boxes on screen and used a kernel drive for the mouse move events. at one point the ReadProcessMemory() got detected and so did my project.

C#Reverse Engineeringx64ASM
PacketTracer7 - Password Recovery Tool

Small project used for password recovery on cisco's PacketTracer software.

C#ASMReverse Engineeringx64
Clipjack 1.0

External memory tool hooking Windows clipboard function to replace a Bitcoin address when copy/pasted from a targeted process. code injection is done using Assembly code cave.

C#ASMx64Windows (internals)

This project is called a "Lua Unlocker", this unlocks protected Lua API's in World of Warcraft. The project injects and executes code into the game process which results in remove protections from the game client. The project is kept private


This project automates "Fishing" in the game World of Warcraft. The Client talks to a Server that keeps track of user licenses and is based on a Bitcoin payment system. The project is kept private.

Clipjack 2.0

Internal DLL hooking GetClipboardData() in order to replace a Bitcoin Address with one of mine. Hooking is done with software breakpoint & vector exception handling.

Cppx64Windows (internals)
Anti AFK tool

External memory tool that injects and executes code in another process to counter AFK mechanism for the game World of Warcraft.

Sample Text

whats better then a 2D elephant? a super realistic 3D elephant!

Holy Cx64
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