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whats better then a 2D elephant? a super realistic 3D elephant!

Holy Cx64
World of Warcraft - Anti AFK tool

External memory tool that injects and executes code in another process to counter AFK mechanism for the game World of Warcraft.

World of Warcraft - Fishing Bot

External memory tool that injects and executes code in another process to catch a fish in World of Warcraft.

Clipjack 2.0

Internal DLL hooking GetClipboardData() in order to replace a Bitcoin Address with one of mine. Hooking is done with software breakpoint & vector exception handling.

Cppx64Windows (internals)
World of Warcraft - Update Checker

Small tool that checks World of Warcraft's API to check for new game updates.

C#Reverse Engneering (web API)
Winbox Exploit - Remote Code Execution

Proof of Concept for the CVE-2018-14847 Winbox vulnerability, This allows a remote attack to read arbitrary files. In this project we try to obtain the '/flash/rw/store/user.dat' file which contains login details. The password 'hash' can be decoded to plain text.

C#Reverse Engneering

Inpainting is a tool that removes unwanted object, For this project i have only done the REST API and the website.

C#REST APIhtmlcssjs
KuCoin Watchdog

Private Web application that automates Bitcoin trading. The project is kept private due to my clients request.

World of Warcraft - BitBait

This project automates "Fishing" in the game World of Warcraft. The Client talks to a Server that keeps track of user licenses and is based on a Bitcoin payment system. The project is kept private.

World of Warcraft - Flask

This project is called a "Lua Unlocker", this unlocks projected Lua API's in World of Warcraft. The project injects and executes code into the game process which results in remove protections from the game client. The project is kept private

Discord Userbot

Discord Userbots are automated Discord accounts, For this project i have Reversed the Discord API's and created my own Discord User Bot. The project is against the Discord ToS and will be kept private

C#REST APIReverse Engineering (web)
Clipjack 1.0

External memory tool hooking Windows clipboard function to replace a Bitcoin address when copy/pasted from a targeted process. code injection is done using Assembly code cave.

C#ASMx64Windows (internals)
World of Warcraft - Affliction Warlock Rotation

This is a lua script for World of Warcraft that is used with the "DarkRotations" addon. The script is designed to automate combat in the game.


This is the "KuCoin Watchdog" project hosted on a TOR hidden website. to visit the .onion url, you need a TOR browser

Inpainting Mobile

Mobile application for image processing algorithm called "inpainting". This project makes use of the Cordova framework to make the applications front-end. The back-end server was done in C#

Bitcoin Auth Server

Some of my projects have a Bitcoin license system build into them, They usually connect to a server to verify the license. The project remains private for security reasons.

PacketTracer7 - Password Recovery Tool

Small project used for password recovery on cisco's PacketTracer software.

C#ASMReverse Engineeringx64
LockDownLogger - Extended logging for LockDownBrowser

Small tool used for logging Respondu's LockDownBrowser activity, mainly used to see what part of your computer is getting fucking.

CppASMReverse Engineeringx86
Hackathon: Mission Apocalytics

The goal at this hackathon was to predict the "patient zero" of any given virus, we used WHO datasets and created a basic algorithm to predict a patient zero and to predict where the next big epidemic would start.

ferib.dev - Portfolio

Yes, this website is also hoste on my github (private).

ColorSwitch Clone

This is just a copy of a game called "ColorSwitch", this game is made using Unity and C#

CoinConsil - Binance Trading

Private Web application that automates Bitcoin trading on the populair crypto exchange "Binance". The Project is private as requested by my client.

OmaeWa - Overwatch Aimbot

OmaeWa is a external aimbot for Overwatch. The tool used a external overlay to draw enemy boundary boxes on screen and used a kernel drive for the mouse move events. at one point the ReadProcessMemory() got detected and so did my project.

C#Reverse Engineeringx64ASM
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